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洋梨 - "Yo, nice pears!"

3rd April 2015 (12:31)

Ant and Dec learning Japanese and converting SNT into a Japanese style gameshow. Would be my favourite Ant vs Dec from the series if last week's hadn't been pretty much unbeatable. (...That awkward moment when even the children you've hired to play miniature versions of yourselves start making gay jokes at your expense XDD "Dec plays with Ant's sausage" indeed, Little Dec.)

I went to Venice this week. Most of my photos ended up completely jacked up because I've got a new phone, and the camera placement on it is, like, the exact opposite to on my old phone. So where I had to put my hands for the old one now guarantees I have fingers in all my photos. A couple came out okay:
 photo smx20150401_142051.jpg

 photo sm20150401_142026.jpg
 photo smx20150401_142759.jpg
 photo smx20150401_142119.jpg
 photo sm20150401_153522.jpg

It's a gorgeous place. Basically all of Italy is, it's ridiculous. I wish I lived there instead... Maybe next year, hey. Might have to learn some Italian first though, wish I had before I went this time because it took about twenty minutes to convey to the guy at the hostel check-in desk that he hadn't given us our dorm key yet. (I tried about eight different languages...and miming...to no avail, in the end we drew a picture. Then he was all, "ohhhh, 'chiave'", which given I had said various things such as "llave", "chabi", "clef" and "carvetta" when I was grasping at linguistic straws...I mean, I'm just saying I think he should have been able to work it out.

Also, it was nice to be reminded that I do vaguely have a sense of direction. In Austria I get lost a lot tbh, I don't find the mountainy terrain very intuitive. In Venice it's all water and I'm much more in my element because things like where the wind's coming from tells you where the sea is. I still have no idea what wind direction means in mountains.