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engorged lawyers [userpic]

VL 01.12.14 - "Ich war mit Jo joggen."

10th February 2015 (00:59)

You can watch this ep with English subtitles on this Youtube playlist here.

Well, last time we were here, Jo and Olli were out jogging together. In show-time their jogging trip lasted over a week, so I don't think it's too disingenuous for me to have extended that to two months. It's important to keep fit and after all, health-wise there is no such thing as too much jogging, is there? Shut up, BBC.
 photo Snapshot110-02-201500-20.png
Anyway, they're back now, and today Olli is having a heart-to-heart with Charlie. Her best friend has just been kidnapped you see, which gives Captain Sensitive, Olli "let me selflessly prioritise everyone else's needs at the complete expense of my own" Sabel, you know, Mr Listening-to-other-people's-problems-is-my-crack the perfect chance to... insensitively blather on about his own shit with Jo. Oh. I should have expected that really, given in the last ep he started throwing around offers of grief-sex, but somehow I thought he would be a little more considerate of Elisabeth having been abducted. Instead he's all "But what about meeeeee? You must be wondering how Iiiiiiiii feel!"
 photo Snapshot310-02-201500-28.png
It's actually hard to convey in words exactly how self-centred Olli is behaving in this entire scene. It's a testament to Charlie that she doesn't slap him, really.
 photo Snapshot710-02-201500-29.png
Then Jo phones Olli, but Olli doesn't answer because he thinks it might make him look thirsty, and the "what? you tried to contact me? I did not realise, I have not ignored your texts or calls at all"-gambit did work pretty well for him last time. Charlie continues to show incredible restraint.

To avoid further pretend communication failure, Jo turns up in No Limits where they can interact face-to-face. I mean, only talking. Not the good kind of face-to-face interaction. Because they are being just-friends at the moment.
 photo Snapshot810-02-201500-29.png
There's no point you looking pissy about that, Jo (if that's what that expression is). It was your idea. Other ideas that Jo is suggesting are, going out for drinks, a meal, clubbing, or for another run. But Olli says the only place he would consider taking Jo is to a therapist, because it isn't normal for Jo to still be grieving so much for his dead boyfriend.
 photo Snapshot910-02-201500-30.png
Olli gets pretty ruthless once sex is off the table.

Sexy Dr Jo does actually want some sex though, so he does the only thing a soap character in his position could do.
 photo Snapshot1010-02-201500-31.png
That's right, he propositions Bella in the lavatory. But Bella has been on this soap a lot longer than Jo has, meaning she knows that sleeping with her brother's love interest (again) would be an error, and to maximise her dramatic impact she has to immediately tell Olli.
 photo Snapshot1110-02-201500-31.png
She should have made Olli come to her in the toilets, rather than going out to find him in the bar. The lighting there is so much less flattering to her pasty skin tone.
 photo Snapshot110-02-201500-47.png
Olli puts on his most confrontational capri-pants and goes round for a confrontation at Jo's place. His argument is basically "get a fucking grip (and then shag me please)".
 photo Snapshot1210-02-201500-33.png
Whereas Jo's is "I keep telling you to stop and leave me alone, why won't you stop and leave me alone?". To which Olli says "sometimes when people say stop, they actually want you to keep going", which is why he got sacked as the prosecuting lawyer at Marlene's rape trial. Jo tells Olli that he just wants to be left alone with his fruitbowl full of grapes. Olli says that's not healthy - you can't get your five-a-day through just one fruit, and Jo points out that he's the doctor here, and then Olli leaves because he doesn't like being made to feel intellectually inferior (hence his carefully chosen friend-pool of Andi, Sascha and Emilio).
 photo Snapshot1610-02-201500-35.png
Jo follows him to a field where he promises to try and be less condescending, but it's difficult, because he is Jesus. The he gives Olli a chance to show off his own medical skillz by piercing his own thigh with a glass bottle.
 photo Snapshot1410-02-201500-34.png
I suppose Jo hasn't really seen Olli deal with situations where other people are in danger yet, so he doesn't know about Olli's habits of throwing everyone out of No Limits, dumping his boyfriend, standing very still, and flinging himself into swimming pools when confronted with stressful circumstances.
 photo Snapshot1310-02-201500-34.png
On this occasion, Olli at least musters enough wherewithal to phone an ambulance and try and stem the bleeding. It might be too late for Jo though.
 photo Snapshot1710-02-201500-36.png
That's right, he's joined Arno Snape Sam on the astral plane...


Posted by: 李昌熙 (haruhiko)
Posted at: 12th February 2015 17:07 (UTC)
sascha :: nom

oh hai recap :D

Thank goodness there's no swimming pool in that field. :D But I am totally rueing the missed opportunity of Jo seeing Arno now. Who knows, he could have run into Sascha wearing that cute top too... Or Seb confessing to that kiss XD

Oh and considering Ansgar's gonna be in his office convulsing for three weeks I see no reason why Jolli can't jog for two months XD

Posted by: Елена Косилова (elenakosilova)
Posted at: 20th February 2015 19:01 (UTC)

How really good to see you back again!

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